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Give the map to help others find their treasure island… and you will soon find yours.


What’s Meijin Academy?

Meijin Academy is a growing community where people can learn new skills, improve existing ones and empower themselves by finding a smart way to monetise and help others along the way.

You have a Gift that is unique to you. If you feel you want to contribute to the world by sharing your skills, experiences and ideas to help others enrich their lives, this place is for you.

If you are here to find alternative ways to earn an income or to make something along the side of your 9-5 job, this place is also for you.

Meijin Academy strives to offer the latest and most useful resources and tools for Online Businesses, Online courses creation, Marketing tools, Social media strategies and Real and Virtual Estate Investing. Everything you need to grow your business from the ground up.

I firmly believe that with the right attitude, the right resources and like-minded people, you can achieve amazing results. However, I want to be very honest with you. It takes Hard work and commitment to get the results you desire, and that’s why we are here. We are here to help make that process smoother, with fewer headaches and more fun!

If you like what you hear, please click the link below to find out more about this community and what you can learn and earn.

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What I read

Here are the books that inspired me and continue to inspire me. Some changed my life completely. You will find reviews on Business, Self-Help, Biography, Investing and much more.

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